About PalSolar

PalSolar Company was established in 2011 in Nablus-Palestine as new branch for Mansour company which established in 1954, PalSolar provide small and large scale of solar energy solutions for industrial, commercial, and residential clients in a wide range of applications including photovoltaic system (PV system), industrial domestic hot water systems, we are specialized also in Electromechanical contracting, water treatment, Air Treatment and water desalination. We are committed to giving our clients the highest level of service possible. Our experience has taught us that our customer’s satisfaction is the heart of our business.

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Our Projects


Project: Al-Fukhari School Capacity(kwp): 20kwp
Project: Solar system for Bedouin communities –Ras Al-Oja ,26system(420wpx27sys) Capacity(kwp): 11.34kwp
Project: Islamic University Capacity(kwp): 135kwp
Project:PV solar system for abushahla school Capacity(kwp):10kwp
Project:PV solar system for three schools of UNRWA     Capacity(kwp):79.05kwp
Project:Solar system in waste water treatment plant in Jericho     Capacity(kwp):100kwp
Project:On Grid solar system in the Deir Al-Balah new desalination plant-Subcontracting     Capacity(kwp):126kwp
Project:On Grid solar system for al-Imama Ali Msque     Capacity(kwp):20kwp
Project:Off grid solar system for Bedouin communities in Jericho & Jordan valley,76system (840wpx76sys) Capacity(kwp):63.84 kwp Capacity(kwp):63.84
Project:MAS On Grid solar System Capacity(kwp):25.5
Project:ADS Solar Tracking System Capacity(kwp):168
Project:Mohammad bin Rashid School Capacity(kwp):25
Project:On grid solar system in ya’abad+ On grid solar system s for 14 school Capacity(kwp):197
Project:Bluebeach Solar_Genset Hybrid system Capacity(kwp):508
Project:ON Grid PV Solar Sytem for ABA School Capacity(kwp):15
Project:PV solar Project for Naser Hospital Capacity(kwp):50
Project:PV Solar Systems for 8 schools at Rafah Area Capacity(kwp):74.24
Project:PV solar system for 14 school Capacity(kwp):320
Project:Wadi Al-Jeer Solar Street Light Capacity(kwp):22
Project:Wadi Al-Nar Solar Street Light Capacity(kwp):26.5
Project:Anata & Menia Solar street light Capacity(kwp):14