PalSolar Company was established in 2011 in Nablus-Palestine as new branch for Mansour Company which established in 1954, PalSolar provide small and large scale of solar energy solutions for industrial, commercial, and residential clients in a wide range of applications including photovoltaic system (PV system), industrial & domestic hot water systems, we are specialized also in Electromechanical contracting, water treatment, Air Treatment and water desalination. We are committed to giving our clients the highest level of service possible. Our experience has taught us that our customer’s satisfaction is the heart of our business.
In 2015 a new branch of PalSolar Company was established in Gaza, Al-Remal.

Company Divisions

The PalSolar Company includes the following sectors

Manufacturing Division:

Production of assembly lines specialized in factories of gypsum, plaster, sand, ceramic as well as packaging & wrapping,etc. also, metal industrial, steel structures such as hangers ,platforms, silos, and tanks. We also manufacture steam boilers, industrial oil boiler, heating and electrical boilers, and solar water heaters.

Contracting Division

Specialized in electromechanical projects such as central gas station and networks, installing central gas for residential commercial complexes, hospitals and hotels, piping for water sewage, heating, air conditioning, firefighting systems, medical gases, water filtering, city main water supply network, steel structure work, hangers installation, factory production lines, Solar thermal, solar PV, Absorption and adsorption chillers, swimming pools, water desalination and water treatment plants and more.

Sale Division

Selling all items related to mechanical tasks such as machineries, equipment, pipes, parts and suppling solar and environmental products, and more.