IMEON Inverters is the ideal solution for all solar energy systems (Smart-Grid / Back-up / Off-Grid / On-grid). IMEON Inverters manages different sources of energy (Solar, Batteries, Grid) and thanks to its integrated microprocessor, IMEON orients energy according to the production conditions and the consumption needs for most optimal performance.

IMEON Inverters adapts to all installation types/ self-consumption with or without storage,,isolated sites or grid-tied sites, selling the totality of the solar production or only the solar surplus,uninterrupted power supply (UPS / Back-up).

IMEON 9.12 & IMEON 3.6 have the following features:
  • - Intelligent Smart-Grid inverter.
  • - Smart-Grid / Back-Up / Off-Grid / On-Grid.
  • - Compact “all-in- one” system.
  • - Increased efficiency more than 30%
  • - Intelligent storage management.
  • - Simplicity of use and operation.
  • - “Plug & Play” installation.
  • - Local and remote monitoring (Optional)