Waste Water Treatments

Project Name:Waste Water Treatments
Client:Nablus Municipality
Consultant:Liahmeyer International
Contractor:JV, Kinetic & Passavent Roediger

The implementation of this strategic project through the JV of German company passvent Rodeger and under the supervision of the consultancy firm German Amaar with Hijjawi Engineering Office with funding from the Government of Germany worth 40 million euros in addition to the contribution of the Municipality of Nablus in financing the purchase of land needed for the project at $ 1.5 million Jordanian dinars, as well as providing staff technical management implementation and operation of the station.

have commenced to run the station in the month of July 2013 with technical assistance unremitting from the German side for the rehabilitation of the crews to operate the station and the roughly 20 employees and an amount of water treatment is currently 10,000 cubic meters per day note that the absorptive capacity of up to 14,000 cubic meters per day in 2020 and that the treated wastewater characterized by high quality specifications against the requirements of the Palestinian water authority and the Palestinian Ministry of Agriculture.

The project includes:
1-purification plant serving 150,000 people until 2020 who live west of the city of Nablus and the villages of Beit weight and Zawata and Beit Iba and Deir Sharaf and Qusin
2-stream 12 kilometers stretching from Tunis Street in the city of Nablus, and even the length of the treatment plant.
3-tank to address rainwater is located in the territory of Beit Iba
4-implementation of sewage systems for the villages of Beit weight and Zawata and Beit Iba and Deir Sharaf and Qusin
5-implementation of the units primary processing factories in the wastewater treatment industry halva and stone saws and jeans

This will feed the treated water in the cultivation of more than three thousand acres Msqubla and will be implemented with funding from the German government and include:
* Irrigation project within the boundaries of the treatment plant with an area of ​​40 dunums
* Irrigation project outside the treatment plant area of ​​120 dunums
* Project planting 3,000 acres where it was the work of the evaluation study so it is expected that the project funded by the German government

Waste Water Treatments